Work with Icelab

We don't have any specific roles we’re hiring for right now, but don't let that stop you from getting in touch if you think we should work together.

We hire people with some combination of skills and experience in:

  • design: interface design, HTML and CSS
  • development: mainly JavaScript & Ruby
  • ops: managing systems and servers, app deployment and maintenance
  • logistics: project and people management

We’re also interested in what other skills and interests you bring. Animation, cooking, art, mathematics, illustration, literature: bring your whole self to work. Maybe we have a client who needs your skills. Maybe we'll get a new client because of your knowledge and enthusiasm 🙂.

We work 32-hour weeks, nominally 4 days Monday-Thursday. Most of our people are in Australia and we have offices in Canberra and Melbourne, but we do have some remote people as well, and we support working from home. Some overlap with the UTC+10 workday is important: we work collaboratively, using Slack, Basecamp, and GitHub.

We want a diverse workplace. We don’t have an opinion about your gender, your sexuality, or where your family comes from. We do care about working together in a nurturing, positive environment, as human beings.

If you’d like to get in touch, email

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