We’re an experienced team of designers and developers. We like solving hard problems to make the world smart, kinder and more beautiful.

We’re 14 humans, distributed across 3 cities

Photograph of Aimee Cowie

Aimee Cowie


Aimee joined the Canberra team after working across a variety of web and software projects; she has frontend, video production, and project-management fu. She’s no stranger to wrangling multiple diverse projects to ensure they’re delivered on time and on budget.

Aimee studied digital media and has a keen interest in all facets of this space; she’s also fluent in emoji and is currently skilling up the Icelab teams in Melbourne and Canberra.

Photograph of Andrew Croome

Andrew Croome


Andrew joined Icelab in 2013 as a developer. After a long stint as a copywriter and content creator he returned to the technical side after developing a passion for Ruby on Rails. He has a degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Creative Writing, and is the author of the novels Midnight Empire and Document Z, which won the 2008 Vogel’s literary award. His writing has appeared in various publications, including The Age, The Australian and Meanjin.

Andrew says that novels and Ruby are not as far apart as some might think.

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Photograph of Andy McCray

Andy McCray

Designer, Developer

Andy is a designer and frontend developer who joined Icelab in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Arts (New Media Arts) at the Australian National University. Andy has a long history of practical, hands-on experience with web design and development which began in his high school years when he created Harry Potter Fan Zone (swish and click).

Andy has a particular interest in responsive design and modern CSS techniques. Away from all things digital, Andy is a keen piano player and guitarist, and a (self-proclaimed) sports tragic.

Photograph of Daniel Nitsikopoulos

Daniel Nitsikopoulos


Daniel joined Icelab in 2015 as a developer. Like most people, discovering Ruby was a delightful experience that changed his view on how websites should be made. He has experience with many facets of the web development workflow. While he specialises in Ruby and Rails, he is no stranger to building delightful experiences with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

When he’s not coding, Daniel enjoys cooking, reading and exploring Canberra’s many bike paths.

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Photograph of Dylan Wolff

Dylan Wolff


Dylan joined Icelab in 2015, in the process making a career change from Internal Auditor to Web Developer. He works primarily in Ruby on Rails but has recently been getting to grips with the wonders of dry-rb.

Dylan’s a keen traveller and in early 2016 he relocated overseas to combine his love of web development with his desire to see the world.

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Photograph of Josephine Hall

Josephine Hall


Jojo is a developer who enjoys working across all aspects of web application development, and she loves the challenges and rewards of making well-crafted, beautiful and functional apps. Lately she has been diving into the world of dry-rb, though she is happy to use many different tools and languages to achieve this goal.

Jojo is Icelab’s token kiwi and her favourite emoji is :kissing_heart:. In her spare time she loves trail running and pottering around in her garden.

Photograph of Lilith Palmer

Lilith Palmer


Lilith comes to Icelab in Melbourne after wrangling developers and policymakers in the public sector in Sydney. She has a background in communications and has studied law and design. Lilith enjoys spending time in the world not made by humans; in between, she reads too many books, sometimes simultaneously. This is excellent training for her work as a producer.

Photograph of Livia Santos

Livia Santos


Livia is a social worker by training but decided to embark on a career change to developer after realising just how much technology makes our lives easier. She doesn’t want to just be a user of this technology, but wants to be involved in creating new tools and services which will improve the quality of life of their users.

An eternal student, Livia loves to cook and especially loves sharing new dishes she’s learnt how to cook with friends. She’s also a wine lover and beer enthusiast, and is always working to unravel the mysteries of different beer styles.

Photograph of Max Wheeler

Max Wheeler

Director, Designer, Developer

Max is a highly accomplished designer and front-end developer, as well as a director of Icelab. He has an exceptional eye for detail and the design skill-set to match. Max oversees the design direction of all Icelab sites, while also bringing his extensive front-end development and performance experience to every project.

When he’s not desk-bound, Max can be found drinking coffee, riding bikes, teaching his son to clap, and occasionally representing Australia at the World Championship for Ultimate Frisbee.

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Photograph of Michael Honey

Michael Honey


Michael has a long history in design-related fields: His skills include writing and strategic communication thinking; interactive design and development; writing, editing, and post-production for television and video; print design and production; and environmental/spatial design.

Michael’s current interests include datavisualisation, mapping, and thinking about mountains.

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Photograph of Narinda Reeders

Narinda Reeders


Narinda is a developer and media artist with more years experience than she cares to count. She studied computer science in the mid 90s and has worked in organisations of all shapes and sizes. She also has an honours degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, and her photographs and interactive installations have been exhibited widely.

Narinda has been honing her skills in web and mobile development since 2007 when she left her corporate job in search of a more agile and creative working environment.

Photograph of Nick Binnington

Nick Binnington


Nick joined Icelab in 2014 as a developer. He has been working with web technology for a long time, having built his first website back when people hung out in cyberspace and surfed the information superhighway. Since then he has become a bit taller, completed an IT degree, moved to Melbourne, and learnt a thing or two about servers and programming along the way.

At Icelab Nick enjoys working with clients and helping them build great web systems.

Photograph of Tim Riley

Tim Riley

Director, Developer

Tim is a full-stack developer & software architect who works across all the layers of a modern web application, from the database, to the applications running on the server and in the browser, then to final deployment to reliable & scalable cloud hosting. He enjoys reaching across these layers to build a cohesive, well-considered app, with everything put in the right place.

Tim is driven by contributing to beautiful user- and customer-driven applications. He’ll dive into any aspect of an application, in any technology, if it will help serve a well-fitting end result.

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Photograph of Toby Allder

Toby Allder


Toby has worked with Icelab as a designer and aspiring front end developer since 2012. Previously he had built things for the web with design studios Inventive Labs and Golden Grouse.

He appreciates beautiful typography, well written code and boots. A local café named a burger after him.

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