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Decaf Sucks 2 Is Coming, 2 Hours at a Time

By Tim Riley06 Aug 2013

If you know me even a little, you’ll know I love drinking coffee. This is why we built Decaf Sucks, as a place to record and share our café experiences. It’s turned out that it also offers a great way to travel: finding coffee is usually an interesting axis along which to explore a city. It takes you away from the tourist traps, to interesting neighborhoods, and injects you into the regular lives of the locals. This is how I’ve explored Bacolod, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and most lately, San Francisco.

It was also in San Francisco that I was lucky enough to attend Apple’s WWDC event for 2013. It left me enthused for all the opportunities that iOS 7 affords to developers, and with Decaf Sucks being our biggest stake in the iOS marketplace, I really wanted to take the chance to ship something new.

It so happens that I’ve just started a 2-week holiday, the first real time away from work in this year’s travels. But if you’re anything like me, and your work is something you love, then it’s unlikely you completely switch off anyway. So I’ve decided to make the most of this and spend a little time each day on developing Decaf Sucks for iOS 7. It’ll start in the mornings: I’ve been waking up early lately, giving me a whole 2 hours or more before the day really begins. This is how I’ll be developing Decaf Sucks: 2 hours at a time. It’ll be an exercise of doing a lot with a little, of the bootstrapped side-project.

In the spirit of my last Decaf Sucks development sprint, I’ll document my progress here, before slipping my iPhone into my pocket and setting off each day (likely in search of the morning’s first coffee). Watch this space!