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Introducing ‘Today Icelab Learned’

By Andrew Croome25 May 2016

Last year, Icelab created a small Today I Learned (TIL) platform for sharing the things we learn while going about our day to day.

Initially this was an internal project, but from today we’re publishing Today Icelab Learned for all to see.

Screenshot of Today I Learned

Today Icelab Learned aims to be a place where we can quickly capture and share our learnings with as little friction as possible. Just now you can find snack-sized posts covering Ruby, JavaScript, design, AWS, git and a range of other topics, even accessibility.

Many of the learnings are niche, but that’s kind of the point. There are posts on using Ruby hashes as keyed cache stores, dealing with the asynchronous nature of React’s setState function, authenticating with AWS Elasticsearch when using the Ruby elasticsearch gem, advanced string formatting and symbolizing hash keys when you’re working outside Rails.

There are also tips on how to get Facebook to show images when a url is shared for the first time, how to create nice CSS dropdowns, how to dynamically add class names in Slim and using gzip with CloudFront as your CDN.

Phew. If you’re interested the site itself uses Middleman and webpack, and the source is available on Github.

You can subscribe to Today Icelab Learned’s Atom feed here.