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Piotr Solnica joins Icelab

By Tim Riley24 Jan 2017

It’s no secret: we’ve been hard at work, building a whole new kind of Ruby web app. Working with dry-rb and rom-rb has made us better developers and helped us ship faster, more maintainable apps for our customers.

We’re very excited to announce that we’re bolstering our development team today, with Ruby expert, prolific OSS contributor, rom-rb author, and dry-rb core team member Piotr Solnica joining Icelab. Piotr will be working with us from Poland as Tech Lead and will be helping us continue to improve our development work and the technology that underpins all our apps.

Piotr, Icelab, dry-rb, and rom-rb

This also represents a big step for the dry-rb and rom-rb communities, with even more effort being put into their day-to-day use and overall production readiness. We’re excited to see what comes next!

We’re lucky that Piotr will be in the neighbourhood just next month for RubyConf AU, so if you’re around, be sure to say hi!