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Wishing You a Happy, Caffeinated Christmas

By Tim Riley21 Dec 2010

It’s great to see the warm reception to our Dispatch delivery for December!

When we built Dispatch, we wanted to make sure that it would be a perfect Christmas gift, no matter how late the order (isn’t online shopping wonderful?). So, from the very beginning, we chose to include a gift card in the email receipt for anyone who orders a gift.

Dispatch gift certificate

To give it an air of old-school authenticity, Max chose to reference the design of old legal tender and stock certificates. Above we can see the certificate along with a recently finished cup of delicious Mojo Rising blend cofee.

To help build the certificate, we used both the online Guilloché Pattern Generator and the Mac OS X app Excentro. A quick export to Illustrator, a big fat block of Futura Bold, and we were done.

At Icelab and Decaf Sucks, we’d like to wish a happy and well-caffeinated Christmas to you all. It’s never too late to join in on the fun!