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Work for Icelab: developers in Canberra, Melbourne, or remote

By Tim Riley26 Mar 2014

We’re looking for developers to help us make great things.

About Icelab

Since we started in 2006, we’ve been building a company that cares about doing things right – technically, designwise, and ethically. We have a bunch of clients doing interesting, worthwhile things. We build web applications with solid backends and beautiful frontends. We do touchscreen interactives for museums that migrate to the web. We build for mobile. And while we do a lot of client work, we have our own projects bubbling along too, like Decaf Sucks, and $secret_new_thing.

About your role

We’re looking for developers to help build our applications. They’re mostly built with Ruby on Rails, but you’ll also write a lot of JavaScript. Ideally, you have a few years of commercial experience working with Rails. You write clean, well-structured code that’s reliable and easy to maintain. You know the web and how everything fits together.

You understand that application design is about trade-offs, and can turn this into an effective strategy for shipping something that takes into account the client’s needs as well as their constraints. You’ll work directly with the clients to set the course for your projects. Then you’ll work alongside your design and development teammates to make the best possible thing.

How we’ll work together

We have not-uncool offices in Canberra and Melbourne, but our people can and do work from anywhere. All we require is a timezone overlap of around 4 hours with our offices. The important thing is that we can communicate effectively and work together to solve problems. We use all the usual stuff – Slack, Basecamp, Trello, Git, Dropbox – to stay in touch and share code, designs and dumb pictures. We want people to work hard, but we also appreciate our time off, so our standard working week is Monday to Thursday.

We’re looking for people at varying levels of experience, and can work out a salary that fits your expectations. We can pay up to $100k pa.

Icelab is a work in progress. You’ll have great opportunities to shape how we do things as a company.

Interested? Email us and tell us why you’re the right person for the job.