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Macquarie Bank interactives

A series of interactives for Macquarie Bank about life in the colonies.

Client:Macquarie Bank

We worked alongside the National Museum of Australia to create a series of interactives for an exhibition in the Macquarie Bank building in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Four new interactives were created for the exhibition: a large touchscreen exhibit about Lachlan Macquarie’s grants of land, as well as four iPad interactives (Aboriginal Breastplates, Currency and Macquarie’s Legacy) about life in the colonies. A repurposed version of our Convict Love Tokens interactive was also on display.

Land grants

We built an interface for zooming in and exploring the various land grants.
Screenshot of the land grants interactive

iPad interactives

Icelab designed a series of interesting interfaces to present rich text and image content.
Screenshot of the iPad interactives

The projects were created using Middleman and served using both eCrisper and Kiosk Pro. Assets were optimised using ImageOptim (particularly necessary here as some of the land grant images are enormous!).