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Meanjin is Australia’s second oldest literary magazine. For over 70 years Meanjin has been taking the nation’s pulse, bringing you the best new essays, poetry, memoir, fiction and much more. We’ve taken the experience of reading Meanjin’s beautiful printed editions and transplanted it into an iPad app. It’s a quiet, dedicated reading space worthy of their stimulating mix of content.

The app provides a simple, comfortable reading experience. You start with an image-rich index for browsing and discovering recent articles, and then move to a reading screen, with controls for text size and options for sharing with your friends. The app caches all the text and images, so you can read anywhere, any time, and as you use it, it fades away the articles you’ve read so that you can easily skip straight to new material.

This is a native iPad app, built with Apple’s Cocoa Touch framework, and thus provides the speed and slick experience that iPad users have come to expect from the finest apps. We incorporate an fully integrated webview for displaying the article content, optimised for reading on the iPad. Using a webview in this way means that any text in the article is easily selectable and sharable, not locked away from users like in other magazine-style apps.

The app fetches its content from a custom API drawing from that Meanjin was already publishing to their website. This makes the app a new avenue for engaging with their readers without requiring any change to their existing publishing workflow.