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Solar PV Maps

Mapping and datavisualising Australian solar energy

Client:Australian PV InstituteVisit the website

We’ve been working with the Australian PV Institute to build a range of interrelated data products for exploring photovoltaic solar energy generation. Users include researchers, solar-industry professionals, government and advisers, journalists, and students.

Solar maps home page

Live performance

National solar performance, mapped in near-real time from thousands of data points
Live performance map

Detailed charting

Estimated solar power generation across Australia and its contribution to the national electricity grids
Solar performance chart

Rich analysis

Detailed historical performance data for 50 locations, with charts and downloads
Location analysis chart

Installation data

Per-month, per-postcode installation data for statistical exploration and charting
Installation data chart

Solar potential tool

Lets users explore solar generation opportunities using 3D and shadow data for the CBDs of Australian major cities
Solar potential tool

Market data

Market analyses of installation counts, costs and system sizes since 2001
Timeseries market chart

Interactive maps

Showing commercial and domestic installation counts and market penetration by postcode and LGA
Map of solar penetration by postcode


Showing over 1.5 million installations since 2010

The site uses a range of technologies, including InfluxDB for time-series data storage and Mapbox for interactive mapping. Live maps are updated at 15-minute intervals: installation data is compiled regularly from data provided by the Clean Energy Regulator.

The site won the ENERGY GLOBE Australia award in 2015.