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Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters

Songlines is an exhibition at the National Museum of Australia centred around the Seven Sisters Dreaming. It tells creation stories of the Martu, the Ngaanyatjarra and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara peoples, through art, sculpture, video, and digital experiences.

Client:National Museum of AustraliaVisit the website

We built two interactives for Songlines, combining 3D, video, and images to help tell those stories.

Tjanpi Sisters explores the Seven Sisters are Flying artwork, seven monumental figures made from grass (tjanpi), wool and wire. The interactive is also available online and on a touchscreen in-gallery next to the actual tjanpi figures.

Walinynga rock art is an online experience that takes you inside and around Walinynga (Cave Hill) in Central Australia. It conveys some of the immersivity of the exhibition’s spectacular Dome experience for a wider audience.

The interactives push in-browser 3D to new heights. We’re using A-Frame (which in turns builds on three.js) to provide a high-fidelity, high-framerate experience with complex, organic, high-polygon shapes.

View the sisters in detail

Each sister can be rotated, zoomed and manipulated in 3D space to see every detail
Tjanpi sister detail view with attribution

Lightboxed Media

Each sister has accompanying media that can be viewed in full screen
A Tjanpi sister with accompanying media

Explore Cave Hill

Go inside the cave to see the rock art and hear the stories
The view of Cave Hill, focused on a media arrow