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After 14 years we’re hanging up our keyboards. Our team is joining the lovely people at Culture Amp, where we’ll be helping build a better world of work.


Text Publishing

We’re excited to share our complete redesign of the Text Publishing website. Much of the way we approached the build was dictated by how Text already manages their day-to-day workings. We worked closely to integrate the product listings, website orders and payment processes with Text’s business practices.

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The Text Publishing home page
Section of the home page

The site is built on Ruby on Rails, uses Spree for its shopping cart, and imports Text’s product information nightly by interpreting book information in the ONIX data standard. For content we included our own React-driven CMS which allows the content writer to gift sidebars and content with unique “insertables”. The author can drop in a ‘deal of the week’, featured items or even entire product lists that render differently depending on where they are inserted.

The site is acutely responsive—with metaquery defining the breakpoints. Tip: Be sure to include metaquery after defining your breakpoints in meta tags or else metaquery will have to wait until the DOM is ready before attaching your custom class names. We also built a Goodreads widget that uses the api to return a % rating that is converted to a 5 star rating.

Text Publishing home page

homepage of the Text publishing website

Text Publishing genre view

View of Text Classics genre view

A view of the filterable books

A list of books filtered by fiction

Detail page of 'The Rosie Project’ with interactive elements

A book listing with title specific interactive elements

Book responsive design views

The same book listing at multiple resolutions