It’s time for something new

After 14 years we’re hanging up our keyboards. Our team is joining the lovely people at Culture Amp, where we’ll be helping build a better world of work.


Icelab in 2011

By Tim Riley12 Jan 2012

We’ve been back in the lab for a week now, and inspired by our personal retrospectives for 2011 (Andy’s, Max’s, Michael’s and Tim’s), let’s take a look back at what we got up to at Icelab.

First, some big changes for the lab itself:

  • Hugh and Andy joined the team.
  • Max & Tim became directors and equal co-owners along with Michael.
  • We went multi-national, with presences now in Canberra, Melbourne, and Bacolod (at the time of writing, Hugh’s also doing some work from Tokyo!).

We shipped some stuff we’re really proud of:

We wrote in Objective-C, Ruby, JavaScript (increasingly via CoffeeScript), PHP, Processing, English and bash. Of course, plenty of HTML & CSS. We used Rails, Sinatra, WordPress, jQuery, Backbone, and numerous static-site generators. We built for desktops, touchscreens, iPhones and iPads, as well as the many email clients of the world. We loved pushing to Heroku, but still built our fair share of servers. It wasn’t all work for screens either: we made business cards featuring generative artwork, organised video shoots, and helped businesses with their web and mobile strategies.

Beyond our usual design and development work, some other cool stuff happened:

Icelab at WebDirections South 2011

And some little extras to round things out:

  • We drank a fair bit of coffee ourselves (is it any surprise?). On Decaf Sucks, we contributed 186 new reviews.
  • We wrote a lot more here on this site: 28 posts in 2011 versus just 10 in 2010.
  • We hosted a bunch of jellies and ruby meetups in our Canberra office.
  • We attended Rails Camp at Lake Ainsworth and got started building Icebox, which you’ll hear more about later.
  • More than half the lab turned paleo.

Big year! What’s more, our calendar for the start of 2012 is already filling up. Do you want us to build something great for you? Or are you interested in working with us? Let’s talk.